Michelle Kwok MD

Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy
San Mateo Psychiatrist diploma
I treat psychiatric conditions using the bio-psycho-social framework. Psychiatric illnesses may have biological causes, like thyroid problems, the effects of chemotherapy, strokes, or genetic predisposition. Psychiatric issues may also have psychological causes, such as the lack of coping skills, difficulty processing situations, or early life experiences. Finally, psychiatric disorders may have sociological explanations: overwhelming expectations of one’s social setting, perhaps, or drastic changes in one’s environment.

It is my duty to figure out how to arrive at the best outcome by utilizing the resources available to make changes. At times, medications are necessary. Other times, talk therapy is essential. And sometimes, we must use both approaches in tandem. Everyone’s needs are different, and I form specific and individualized treatment plans through collaboration with my patients.

I treat a wide variety of psychiatric disorders, especially mood and anxiety disorders; these are the two most common psychiatric issues we see in our community. I have a particular interest in women’s mental health, including the management of peripartum psychiatric disorders and eating disorders.

If you would like to read more about common psychiatric disorders, Mayo Clinic offers many accurate and fairly succinct descriptions.

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